5th Year Booklist 2018-19

TCS 2018-19: Booklist 5th Year




Higher Level:

Hamlet - Mentor

Verse 2020 Higher Level –

Comparative texts to be decided by teacher

2 x A4 softback copies & A4 ring-binder folder


Ord Level:

Excellence in English (

Single and Comparative texts to be decided by teacher

2 x A4 copies & A4 ring-binder folder


Higher Level:

Fiúntas Nua (Árdteistiméireacht Árdleibheal) - EDCO

Ordinary Level:

Irish Extra – Leaving Certificate (Ordinary Level) – CJ Fallon


Teacher will advise at the start of the year.


All levels  

Mathematical Formula & Tables Book

Specified Calculator must be bought in school

Copies as directed by your teacher


Tout Va Bien!- Folens

French Dictionary (retain from previous years)


Español en Acción – Folens – retain until 6th Year

Further book to be advised in September

Bilingual Spanish/English Pocket dictionary

1 A4 copy & 1 copy


Deutsch Komplett (Folens)

Hörthemen Aural and Vocabulary Comprehension, CJFallon

Bilingual German /English Dictionary (retain)

A4 Ring binder

A4 copy

1 copy


USA and The Wider World -1945 -1990 by Stephen Tonge - EDCO


Changing World – Leaving Cert Core Geography - Charles Hayes - Gill & Macmillan


Chemistry Live (2nd Ed) - D Kennedy - Folens

1 hardback copy

1 Manuscript copy


Leaving Cert Biology Plus - M O'Callaghan - Edco

Leaving Certificate Biology Experiment Book 3rd Edition - EDCO

Hardback Science copy


Real World Physics – D O'Regan – Folens

Hardback Science copy

Hardback Notebook

Construction Studies

Get Constructive - E Corcoran, S King & W Nolan -

Design + Communication Graphics

Book to be bought from school in September

A3 Plastic Folder for drawings

2 x H Pencils

2 x 2B Pencils

2 x 5B Pencils

A4 Hardback Sketching Pad

Packet of colouring pencils

Drawing equipment for homework


New Engineering Technology by Laurence Smyth and Liam Hennessy- Edco.


Business Express -E Connolly - Mentor

A4 Pad  and A4 folder


Appreciating Art for Leaving Certificate 2nd Edition - Gill and Macmillan

1 x A2 Cardboard Portfolio - can be purchased from the Art Room for €2

2 copy books

1 3b Pencils

Ruler (metal)  

Rubber (good quality)  

Sharpener (metal)  

Home Economics

  1. Revise Wise – Home Economics – Edco
  2. Home Economics Complete Exam Skill Builder Workbook - Gillick and Healy (
  3. Hardback copy and pocket folder.


Available in September from teacher

A4 Pad and A4 folder


Leaving Cert. Course Work book: Course A - M Costello - Folens

A4 Music Manuscript Book 

A4 Folder

1 Descant Recorder

RE (Exam and Non-exam)

Time To Journey Hedderman & Breen, G&M (Retain from previous year)

1 copy

A4 folder - retain