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Active Schools Wellbeing Week 2017

What a week!

On Tuesday the 17th of January, 1st year students took part in Drop Everything and Move. The students participated in an energetic Zumba class. A big thank you goes out to Ms Martin who had the students performing dance moves that could easily rival anything seen on dancing with the stars!

active-wellbeing2017-1A BIG thank you and well done to all those who participated in today's Drop Everything And Move activity. On Monday the 16th of January the sixth year student's at TCS rose to the fitness challenge presented to them by Bootcamp Ireland. The sixth year students gave the 60-minute, military-style workout all they had. There was a lot of sweat and some laughs along the way. A great kickstart to a more active 2017.

On Tuesday 17th January the second year students completed the Climb the Heights Skipping Challenge. Each class group competed in a head to head battle to see who could achieve the most amount of skips.
Each pair of students alternated their skipping during two ten minute skipping sessions. Each skip equalled 1m.The students completed a record sheet to discover the tallest mountain that they had climbed. The competition definitely brought out in best in all the classes!

active-wellbeing2017-2On Wednesday 18th January the third year students took part in a Walk-a-mile-with-a-Smile programme promoting activity and positive well-being within the school community. The students walked a loop around Tymon Park along with fun props and music.

All students really embraced the feeling on the day and enjoyed participating in the walk. Each class completed a full mile which they tracked on the healthy living app, which has increased their awareness of the amount of steps they should take each day. The walk encompassed 2.2km and almost 3,000 steps. All students seemed to benefit from the fresh air and fun!

Poster winner 2017Making the link between regular physical activity and wellbeing has been a key theme during the week. A poster competition held duing the week allowed students to illustrate their understanding of that link. Well done to the winners of the poster competition. And another aspect of wellbeing was demonstrated on Tuesday - doing something for others. The TYs and Ms Conlon cooked and served pancakes and raised €136.40 which will be donated to charity.

On Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th of January, the 4th year, 5th year and LCA5 students participated in a series of spin/circuit classes led by Ms Nicholson and Mr Boran. These tough interval based classes finished off what was a hugely successful Active and Well-being week at TCS. Well done to all who participated, and congratulations to both students and staff who helped make the week a great success.

And just because the week is over, the business of being active is not. Keep up with ongoing activities on the TCS-Active blog 


Active Schools Flag in TCS

Active School and Wellbeing Week 16-20 January

active schoolsThis year TCS is working toward the Active School's Flag. The ASF is a Department of Education and Skills initiative supported by Healthy Ireland. The award recognises schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. The Active School's Week is an important part of the process and schools wishing to obtain the ASF must organise an Active School Week as part of their annual school calendar.

The Active Schools and Wellbeing week at TCS will run from the 16th until the 20th of January. Student's will be permitted to wear their sports uniform (Navy/ Black tracksuit bottoms, white aertex t-shirt, navy/black tracksuit top) to school on their designated Active School's day. We are asking that all student's ensure they have the correct sports uniform, students must be dressed appropriately in order to participate. At different stages in the day students will be asked to Drop Everything and Get Active for a 40 minute period. Did you know that being active for just 30 minutes a day can make a notable difference in your health and dramatically reduce the risk of contracting diabetes, heart disease, dementia and cancer.

After the indulgences of the Christmas period, it is an ideal time to turn our attention to healthy living and being active is an integral part of that.

Designated Days:

6th Years/LCA6 - Monday 16 Jan
1st/2nd Years  - Tuesday 17 Jan
3rd Years      - Wednesday 18 Jan
TY/LCA5        - Thursday 19 Jan
5th Years      - Friday 20 Jan


2nd Years visit Pearse Museum

At Pearse MuseumOn the 5th and 7th of December, 2 Oak and 2 Cedar travelled to the Pearse Museum in Rathfarnham. In Irish class, both groups had studied the story ‘An Gadaí’ by Pádraig Pearse. On reading this story, students saw a different side to the 1916 revolutionary. To learn more about him, students travelled to the Pearse Museum for a guided tour of the school which Pearse ran. Here, they learned about Pearse’s family, background, his love for the Irish language and the part he played in Irish Nationalism. Afterwards students explored the exhibition filled with artefacts and primary sources from the school and Pearse’s life. To finish the trip, student’s explored the lovely grounds of Pearse Park. Bhain gach duine taitneamh as na turais. Pics here


Maths Week 2016

Maths Week winners of Maths Eyes poster competition.

Maths Week winners

JC students activities

paired-readThe students of 1 Beech and 2 Beech who took part in a JCSP  Paired Reading Initiative with the students of TY4. Paired Reading is a short-team reading intervention. The TY students acted as tutors to the younger students. The initiative ran for 4 weeks and was very successful. 3 Shannon will complete the initiative with the students in St Aonghusa's Junior School next term. Well done to all involved.

The students of 1 Beech took part in a Paired Maths initiative with two parents who volunteered. It was run in conjunction with HSCL team. The students found it very helpful and worked very well with the parents.

And the 1 Beech class celebrated the conclusion of a fruitful first term by having a Christmas Celebration, to which they invited parents/guardians and class teachers. The great work done by the students during the term was put on display and certificates were awarded for completion of modules during the term. Pics here

TCS Factor Show 2016

TCS Factor 2016TCS FACTOR 2016 – 1 December 2016

A wonderful night’s entertainment from the very talented students of Tallaght Community School!

This year’s TCS  X-factor style show was packed full of amusement and kicked off by a hilarious opening act which saw the TCS rugby team dancing to Its Raining Men followed by a hair-raising Hakka!

Winners on the night were announced by Cllr Mick Duff (Chairperson of the Board of Management) -  BP Srisuwan (Junior), Orla Mongan (Senior) and the overall winner was the very popular  Paul Jenkinson with his rendition of Ed Sheeran’s/Fresh Prince mash-up which had everyone standing in the aisles.   The contestants, who had been mentored during the previous weeks, included singers, dancers and lots of guitar players who battled it out for the adjudicators  who included a former winner Jordan Welstead, professional singer and sports model Claire O’Loughlin and NUIM's Chris Gueret.

Special guest entertainment saw the fabulous TCS dance troupe give a spine-tingling routine to Alive, a skit from the TCS Drama Club and a mystery guest rapper “Honey G” !!!

Everyone agreed it was one of the best productions that Tallaght Community School has staged and the performers and crew got to do it all over again for the local primary schools the next day. Pics here


German Debating

getting readyOn Wednesday the 30th of November, the members of the German debating team, Alexandria Clarke, Darren Scanlon, Zara Newman and Micheala Mulhall (all Transition Year), alongside their teacher Ms Knipschild, travelled to Lucan Community College to take part in the Siemens German debating competition. This was the first time the school took part in the Siemens debating which is organised by the Goethe Institut Dublin.

Our team was debating against the motion that Irish teenagers leave school too early. We had many strong arguments but unfortunately we were defeated by Lucan Community College.

We really enjoyed the experience of debating and found it extremely helpful for developing our German language skills. Thanks to the students and teachers at Lucan Community College for the friendly and welcoming reception.

We hope to compete again next year.  Pics here

- Micheala Mulhall and Zara Newman