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TY students examine Carbon Monoxide

TY students involved in Young Social Innovators are currently tackling the dangers of Carbon Monoxide. Click on YSI 2015-16 to see the  survey, the survey results and information on Carbon Monoxide.


Parents' Evening

An information evening for Transition Year students and parents will take place on Monday, 01 Feb, at 7 pm on the topic of subject choices for Leaving Cert. 


Green Schools 2015-16

Green Schools Travel Flag

We the green schools committee (students involved..Jamie Kearns, Eimantas Adzgauskas, Jun Man You, Candice Farinde, Claire Edem, Adam Gaynor,Precious Adeloye, Cindy Edem, Faith Adesina, Sekinat Soyombo, Hala Moawi, Sarah Gough Sophie, Sheffield Masterson, Erin Kelly, Jade Leonard, Teagan Bell, Katie Abbey and Adam Finn) are proud to say we are currently working on our Fourth Flag which revolves around the theme of Travel. This is an important theme as it not only looks at how our students travel to and from school on a daily basis it also addresses the importance of road safety. As a school it is paramount to us that our students arrive safely to and from school on a daily basis.

Visitors enjoy TCS matinee show

 tcs matinee

Students from St Joseph's enjoyed the TCS matinee show in December. Thanks to Caroline for sending on the pics! More pics


Careers Talk

On Thursday (21 Jan) 5th,  6th years & LCA students welcomed past pupil Captain Alan Fitzpatrick to the school to share his experience from a career as a pilot and pilot trainer in Aer Lingus. It gave students an opportunity to hear all about life as a Pilot and the entry routes into pilot training and other airline jobs.

For those not interested in this particular career the talk really highlighted how after TCS anything is possible and if students put their mind to it any career is possible.

He took us through his own career which began with an apprenticeship as an airline mechanic. He spoke about motivation; telling us how hard work and showing examples of where and how you have tried to gain experience will really help to get the job. He then spoke about the stages of training Aer Lingus pilots go through and the need to be able to settle down to studying and learning. Also if you want to pursue a career as a Pilot, he mentioned the importance of a Leaving Cert with a C grade in Maths and how students who would not meet this requirement could apply for pilot training after having completed an apprenticeship in an aviation related field.

We were delighted to welcome such an inspirational past pupil back to the school and are grateful he made the time to visit us here at TCS.

- Ms Hilliard - Guidance Counsellor

All training Jobs in AerLings can be applied for through the website at: Aer Lingus Careers - Aer Lingus Careers


'Future You' launch at UCD

UCD 'Future You' Launch

Last Monday, 11th January, I was part of fifteen 5th Years who went to UCD for the launch of this year’s 'Future You' mentoring programme. When we arrived I was in shock at how big the campus was. It took us 15 minutes to walk from the place on campus where the bus left us to the Sutherland School of Law where the programme was to be launched! They had all of the schools taking part seated in a massive lecture theatre. We all got gift bags full of information about the programme and useful study tips and tricks. After the talk we met our mentors who brought us on a small campus tour. We visited the main buildings on the campus and were told what goes on inside the lectures. The tour ended with a complimentary lunch followed by some Questions and Answers.

My favourite part of the day was listening to the guest speaker from Google who spoke about protecting your privacy online.

Everyone in the group is excited to go back to UCD and can’t wait for the programme to start.

  - Report by Garett Yeates


Students excel . . .

Congratulations to Charlie McSweeney in second year, who represented Ireland in the Scottish Irish Dancing Open and the German Open receiving first place in both competitions.  Charlie will go on to represent Ireland in the World Championships in 2016.  Well done Charlie.